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A Pulsed Approach to Treating Cancer

Enhanced Molecular Delivery

The Role of Enhanced Molecular Delivery in Veterinary Care

Enhanced Molecular Delivery (EMD) is a technique for the treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous skin tumors in animals. This low invasive technique has a high success rate and can be used to treat many types of cancerous tumors.

EMD is successful because it allows for the enhanced delivery of virtually any therapeutic including chemotherapy drugs, non-cytotoxic drugs, and other therapeutics directly to the tumor and surrounding area by combining intratumoral injections of the agent and the application of brief electrical pulses. Rather than the high voltage associated with traditional electrochemotherapy, our technology uses heat to allow the tissue to achieve higher permeability and impedance feedback in real time that eliminates the risk of damage associated with the traditional technology.

Since after the therapeutic is delivered, a vascular lock naturally takes place, the risk of spread or recurrence is also reduced.


The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on your staff and experience and is performed by following these simple steps:

    1. Log in to your device and enter the relevant information which will guide you from there.
    2. General anesthesia (GA) is administered to the animal so the treatment can be administered with the patient stationary. Depending on tumor location, horses may be treated without GA in the stocks with a calming anesthetic.
    3. The chosen therapeutic is injected intratumorally in linear retrotracing injections every six millimeters from the perimeter of the mass withdrawing the needle as you inject the therapeutic so the tumor is saturated. NOTE: When using our patented electrode array, no therapeutic is necessary.
    4. The electrode is placed at the treatment site and either the button on the handle or the foot switch are depressed. Approximately one minute later the device will begin pulsing indicated by two beeps.
    5. Once impedance is reached the device will beep three times indicating to move to the adjoining area of the mass. Since we are measuring cell permeability, once reached it has delivered the maximum amount of therapeutic to the targeted tissue.
    6. After pulsing the entire tumor area, the treatment is complete and the device will cycle itself into a dormant state.
EMD can be used as adjuvant treatment to remove tumors, neoadjuvant treatment to facilitate surgery or clean margins, and as palliative treatment to improve quality of life.

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Veterinary and Owner Engagement With Petlynx

For the first time, owners and veterinarians will be able to track treatment, share pictures and store treatment information data in the cloud. Impedance removes the mystery of whether or not a therapeutic was delivered but now you will be able to see progress as owners load pictures to the  ©Petlynx app. This scalable addition has application beyond the technology that is coming in the future.


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